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Is Spa available on the cruise?

The spa is available on luxury cruises. Please kindly notice that this is an exclusive service. You will book the service with Cruise Manager directly and pay yourself on the cruise.

Do I stay continuously on the same cruise?

With 3 days 2 nights itinerary, you will be transferred into a day boat on the second day from about 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

The day boat is smaller which can reach places in the shallow water and explore further parts of the Bay.

Is there any risk that the cruise may be cancelled?

Cruising and sailing in Halong Bay are strictly regulated by a local board: the Halong Bay Management Board (also known as Halong Bay Port Authority). Every morning, the Port Authority delivers a permit to each cruise company allowing them to sail in Halong Bay. Both day cruises and overnight cruises are regulated this way.

In case of bad weather conditions and risks of tropical storms, the Port Authority might limit the possibilities of cruising and even decide to cancel all cruises.

In those cases, we will inform you as soon as the information is available, which unfortunately might only be upon the guest’s arrival at the harbor.

You will be refunded money for the itinerary that you have not experienced and only pay for the service you used – detailed information is listed down here

Is it possible to use US Dollars in Athena Cruise?

Please prepare some local currency because it is better for you to pay by VND rather than in USD when you stay in Vietnam.

However, on Athena cruises, you can pay in USD if you want.

Is Halong Bay Cruise suitable for sea-sick passengers?

Athena Cruise is a brand new with high technology. Your overnight trip will be the same as an overnight at hotel in the land

Therefore, it is hard to get sea-sick.

Do you have a medical service or a doctor on board?

There is no doctor available neither on board nor on the bay.

However, all vessels are equipped with First Aid Kits and basic medicine supply.

If there is a serious medical emergency, the tender can take you back to the harbor. We can take you to the nearest hospital within 01 hour.

Should I book in advance?

Booking in advance is definitely better than late booking because you will have much time to check the prices of the cruises and select the best cruise for you.

Athena cruises are often fully booked far in advance so you will not have many choices in the last minutes.

Booking in advance also helps us and the cruise to prepare your trip better and you will also get to know everything about your trip before you go.

Do we have a kayak in Halong Bay with our cruises?

Sure! Kayaking is a part of the itinerary – You could check it here

What should I bring with me on board?

You are suggested to bring sunblock, sunglasses, insect repellents, wide brim hats, swimming suites, warm clothes in winter, and your original passport for check-in. If you are traveling with young kids, candy, picture books, minigames, learning tools may be helpful.

Do we need to pay for entrance fees when visiting caves?

No, you don’t. When you make a booking with us, your cruise trip is already included entrance fees and sightseeing tickets, you don’t have to pay any additional fees.

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