SAFETY POLICY - Athena Cruises Official website - Luxury Cruise line in Halong Bay


As we take the safety of our passengers very seriously, many special measures are placed to ensure the security and safety of our passengers. All of our staff members are given intensive training in emergency preparation as they are committed to your safety while you are aboard the Athena Cruise.
Passenger safety briefings are made at the beginning of all of our cruises so that everyone aboard will be aware of what to do in an emergency.
We provide a number of safety equipment in every cabin as well as throughout the boat. In your cabin there is a fire extinguisher, a flotation device, an emergency hammer, and a flashlight. Please follow the directions of the cruise manager and captain at all times. In the event of an emergency follow the instructions of the tour manager and the captain of the ship.
If you have any specific questions about our security and safety measures at Athena Cruise, please contact us directly.


Swimming is only permitted at specific times and areas. There is no swimming or diving allowed on or around the Athena Cruise. Jumping off of the decks into the water is extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury, dismemberment or death. Please only swim in the designated areas away from the boat. Do not dangle any limbs off of the first deck of the boat as this can result in falling off the boat. Please follow the instructions of our staff and crew at all times.